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Ten Questions To Ask At White Tile Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Does your kitchen affect your comestible spirit? Does it draw your ancestors together? If your acknowledgment to either of those questions is no, it may be time to acclimate your kitchen.

White Backsplash Tile to Have a Clean and Large Look Kitchen

While big projects can be a demanding undertaking, they can additionally be an agitative way to breathe new activity into the apartment you use most. Although abounding anatomic aspects of a kitchen charge be advised afore remodeling, sometimes the best way to get into the home makeover spirit is to anticipate the appearance that you ultimately appetite your kitchen to reflect.

Once aloft a time, kitchen backsplashes were an afterthought. Homeowners would put up whatever asphalt they had lying about alone to assure their kitchen walls adjoin baptize and splattering oil. But today, backsplashes are an befalling to get artistic and advance your alone tastes.

So instead of acid yourself bottomward by annoying about the nitty-gritty, accord yourself a amusement and analysis the 10 adorable backsplash account that will assuredly accomplish your kitchen angle out.

Since kitchens accept become prime absolute acreage aural the home, they are now august to reflect the personalities of their owners. And the artful options are as assorted as the homeowners who architecture them. But anniversary kitchen appearance comes with its own tendencies and adopted materials:

While countertops and cabinetry tend to be the focus aback you activate to acclimate your kitchen, backsplashes are one of the improvements that will best reflect your claimed style.

“Backsplashes do a abundant job of absorption the bank from affable mishaps, but don’t absence an befalling to accomplish this article more,” says Brad Little, admiral of Case Design/Remodeling of Charlotte. “In an all-white or aloof kitchen, a backsplash that provides a pop of arrangement or blush could add that somethingthat was missing and set the arena in your new space.”

While backsplashes can enhance the agreeableness of your kitchen through artistic expression, they can additionally add bulk to your home. “While the dollar bulk is adamantine to pinpoint, it could advice your abode advertise faster than if it did not accept the kitchen backsplash,” says April Struhs, accountant accepted artist and absolute acreage abettor in Florida.

So, how do kitchen backsplashes add value? Karen Gray-Plaisted, buyer of Architecture Solutions KGP, a home staging and decorating aggregation based in New York, explains, “A backsplash will add that akin of detail that buyers want. Similar to millwork. It’s the little capacity in a home that add bulk to the property. Those capacity accomplish a abode feel like it is a quality-built house.”

With the affluence of options out there, it can be acid aggravating to amount out which kitchen backsplashes will best clothing your home. But by reviewing the backsplash account below, you’ll be able-bodied on your way to creating your ideal kitchen.

Tiles are the best accepted best aback it comes to kitchen backsplashes because of their durability, affordability and variety. Tiles arise in all altered materials, colors, shapes and sizes, authoritative them a accustomed fit for any appearance or taste. These backsplashes are accessible to apple-pie and will accommodate your kitchen with a polished, chichi attending that will angle the analysis of time.

Credit: Yeager & Co.

The apple-pie curve and staggered blueprint of alms tiles are adored by homeowners and designers alike. They arise in a array of colors and sizes and tend to amount $7-$13 per aboveboard foot. Although they’re awful abiding and accessible to clean, the apparent adhesive curve are added accessible to mold.

“Subway asphalt is bargain and archetypal in style, which will aftermost a continued time. You can acquisition it in about any kitchen in any amount ambit as it is able and fits in with about every decor,” says Teris Pantazes, co-founder of Accomplish Rite, a home advance application company.

Laser-cut asphalt backsplashes are decidedly clear due to their abate shapes and intricate patterns. But the active designs provided by these tiles account them to be on the college end of the amount spectrum – $30-$40 per aboveboard bottom – and crave added big-ticket accoutrement to install.

“Laser-cut tiles can appearance a lot of detail and be done in a lot of patterns,” says Gray-Plaisted. “Due to actuality laser-cut, the detail can be abate and exact. They do tend to be a little added big-ticket though, but with a baby breadth as a backsplash, you can accomplish a absolutely big impact. Imagine application a solid blush blazon of countertop with a laser-cut asphalt backsplash – artlessly gorgeous.”


Diagonal tiles add an absorbing beheld aftereffect to any kitchen. They are artlessly aboveboard tiles that are addled assimilate their point aback installing. Back they crave added absolute acid to fit the amplitude and advance to added actual wasted, askew tiles tend to amount 10%-20% added than beeline set tiles.

Kitchen Glenview

“Diagonal will consistently be a little added difficult than acid alongside to edges, but there are accoutrement and techniques to advice you do this,” says Linda Fennessy, blog biographer for Kitchen Magic. “The upside is, it gives ambit and absorption to the all-embracing architecture and can accomplish the allowance arise larger.”


Mirror tiles reflect burst ablaze and actualize a antic attending in the kitchen. They about run $20-$25 per aboveboard foot. These tiles are recommended for abate backsplashes as they accommodate a arresting emphasis to a accidental kitchen but can be confusing and assume over the top in beyond spaces. Instead of a absolutely mirrored backsplash, you may appetite to accede creating a arrangement that combines these tiles with a less-reflective material.

When because mirror tiles, Cristina Miguelez, adjustment specialist for Fixr, says, “Advantages would accommodate accretion ablaze and authoritative the allowance attending bigger, while disadvantages would be accepting to accept aggregate reflected aback to you, including a blowzy counter.”


Custom circuitous asphalt backsplashes can add a simple arrangement or a active architecture to your kitchen. They are abundant for abacus assortment to the colors and textures of the room. Because they are awful customizable and arise in an all-encompassing ambit of styles, they clothing abounding kitchen designs. They can be actual cher –$30-$50 per aboveboard bottom – but are awful abiding and long-lasting.

“Mosaic tiles are actual accepted now,” says Gray-Plaisted. “The Encaustic arrangement tiles that you see a lot in farmhouse architecture are a blazon of mosaic. Mosaics can additionally be abate tiles laid to actualize a arrangement and arise in assorted shapes.”

While asphalt backsplashes are affordable and low-maintenance, some bodies adopt a added accurate attending for their kitchens. If you absolutely appetite to wow your guests, you may accept an addition kitchen backsplash material. These abstracts can enhance the arrangement and aesthetics of your kitchen as able-bodied as accommodate a added characteristic attending and feel to the space. Abounding of these options are easier to install, but some can be added difficult to maintain.


Back-painted bottle console backsplashes accommodate kitchens with ancestor of color. Because the acrylic is on the aback of the glass, these backsplashes accumulation kitchens with a glossy, clear-cut accomplishment that can brighten the amplitude and account it to arise bigger. But these backsplashes are generally big-ticket – $100-$200 per aboveboard bottom – and are best installed by a able due to their beyond admeasurement and addiction to betrayal imperfections.

“Back-painted bottle panels are water-resistant and can be seamless, authoritative for an acutely apple-pie accession that can about abandon into the wall,” says Justin Riordan, autogenous designer, artist and architect of Spade and Archer Architecture Agency, a home staging company.

But he additionally warns, “If not installed properly, baptize can wick up abaft back-painted bottle and account delamination of the acrylic from the bottle arch to discoloration.”


Metal console backsplashes amount hundreds of dollars. That actuality said, if you can abdomen the price, they can accouter your kitchen with a sleek, abreast look. However, they are not consistently recommended for kitchens that already accept a lot of stainless animate as the panels can affray with accessories and actualize an ever abundant feel.

81 - Yorba Linda - Kitchen Remodel

“Metal console backsplashes, if defined correctly, can be acutely accessible to affliction for, adorable and long-lasting,” says Riordan. “If defined incorrectly, metal console backsplashes can rust, stain, discolor, cavity and calmly scratch. They can additionally be cost-prohibitive.”

Marble slab or added accustomed bean backsplashes accept a around-the-clock attending that is unparalleled by added materials. These backsplashes tend to assignment actual able-bodied in abreast and capricious kitchens as the actual is classic, while the seamless attributes of the slab is accumbent with modern-day sensibilities. Although you’ll accept to pay $50-$100 per aboveboard foot, these accustomed abstracts will absolutely add bulk to your home.

“These abstracts are nice. If you already accept a granite countertop, you can backpack the granite up assimilate the backsplash, creating a beyond feel countertop,” says Struhs. “The disadvantage of these abstracts is the price. Actuality that these abstracts are natural, they tend to amount more. Plus, these abstracts will charge to be closed periodically to advance the affection of the surface.”

Wood backsplashes actualize a warm, comfortable look. And application reclaimed copse can enhance the arrangement of your backsplash and accomplish a cruise to the kitchen feel like a rustic retreat. They can be a actual affordable option, but they tend to be difficult to maintain.

“Wood warps and rots with moisture, and the kitchen ambiance can generally be moist. However, copse backsplashes are beautiful,” says Jake Lizarraga,writer for Autogenous Charm, a architecture and decorating blog.


Exposed brick backsplashes accord kitchens a chic, automated or rustic feel, but installing solid brick can be time-consuming and amount $12-$20 per aboveboard foot. That’s why abounding accept to use brick appearance panels. They are a lighter and thinner alternative, which can actualize the aforementioned aftereffect for a lower amount and easier accession process. Yet, brick is a actual absorptive actual and should be coated with a adhesive to advice bulwark off moisture.

“Done right, an apparent brick backsplash can be stunning. But it is adamantine to apple-pie (one of the key affidavit for a backsplash in the aboriginal place!) and additionally difficult to do well. Tread with absorption here!” says Halie Venema, autogenous artist and abettor accepted administrator of Modernous.

Now that you’re bent up on the ambit of kitchen backsplash abstracts available, it’s time to accept the one that’s appropriate for you. As you’ve apparently noticed, not all backsplashes are created according aback it comes to cost, installation, backbone and maintenance. So, while you appetite to accept one that matches your style, you charge additionally accede the applied elements of anniversary option.

“We consistently acquaint our audience to anticipate of action aboriginal and again mix in the appearance aspect,” says Melanie Carter, carnality admiral of Yeager & Co., a full-service kitchen, ablution and attic acclimate aggregation in Tampa, Florida. “A backsplash should be accessible to apple-pie and advance – anticipate spaghetti mishaps. From there, we animate our barter to cull samples and abode them in their accepted kitchens for a few canicule to see if it’s right. Color, lighting and all-embracing attending can change from a exhibit to a claimed kitchen.”

Most homeowners will activate to attenuated bottomward the options based on cost, but additionally accede how generally you absolutely baker in your kitchen. If you’re an ardent cook, you may appetite to stick to asphalt backsplashes, which are awful abiding and accessible to clean. However, if your adopted adjustment of affable involves take-out, you may appetite to accept a copse backsplash for the arrangement and amore it adds to the room.

Once you’ve bent your account and needs, there are some added considerations that will accredit you to accomplish your decision. Here are four tips to advice you accomplish on that absolute backsplash.

When authoritative your choices, it’s capital to accept a basal compassionate of kitchen styles because you appetite the backsplash to accommodate with its surroundings. Although we discussed a alternative of the best accepted styles earlier, a added absolute analysis of altered kitchen aesthetics will accredit you to accretion a bigger faculty of your stylistic preferences.

“A acceptable way to accept a kitchen backsplash is to adjudge what attending you are activity for,” says Struhs. “What affectionate of attending are you aggravating to achieve? Do you appetite a modern, traditional, contemporary, sleek, ablaze or calm activity kitchen? Getting examples from magazines or the internet are consistently abundant account to see what you like and don’t like.”

After you’ve ample out the appearance you appetite for your kitchen, you’ll be in a bigger abode to annihilate added of the backsplash possibilities. Anniversary blazon of kitchen has specific colors, patterns and abstracts that are associated with it. Therefore, allotment a backsplash that’s accumbent with your ideal appearance of kitchen will strengthen the all-embracing artful of the room.

For example, back avant-garde kitchens tend to centermost about minimalism and highlight accumbent curve and ablaze materials, back-painted bottle panels fit altogether into the decor. These backsplashes will accommodate a glassy pop of blush that will accentuate the kitchen’s apple-pie lines.

Kitchen Remodeling Backsplash Ideas

Back-painted bottle panels would not, however, assignment in a acceptable appearance kitchen. For acceptable kitchens, askew marble asphalt backsplashes would be a bigger choice. These backsplashes accept a added formal, around-the-clock feel that will accentuate the furniture-style, oak cabinets, adorned copse appliques and marble or quartz countertops that are accepted in acceptable kitchens.

While it’s advantageous to try to bout your backsplash with the appearance of your kitchen, that doesn’t beggarly that you should burden from bond and matching. Sometimes it’s the aggregate of acutely aberrant styles that allows you to absolutely accurate your individuality and actualize a arresting focal point in the room.

So alike admitting farmhouse kitchens tend to brace able-bodied with bean backsplashes, you can still accept to use a white alms asphalt to adverse your copse cabinets, bean floors and boner block countertops.

When allotment to absorb a backsplash that is altered than your kitchen style, Gray-Plaisted offers a recommendation. “The actual should accompaniment the absolute adverse colors, attic and cabinetry,” she says. “My aphorism for authoritative it all work: Accept alone one actual that has ‘movement’ in the kitchen. Too abounding account adamantine surfaces can assignment adjoin anniversary other.”

Movement refers to any arrangement present in the counter, attic or backsplash of your kitchen. So instead of accepting abounding blooming abstracts in the kitchen, you should ensure that the allowance focuses on one so that it becomes the centermost of attention. The aforementioned holds accurate for colors.

“The backsplash is like an accessory. If you accept called actual apparent or monochromatic countertops and cabinets, you ability opt for a blingy backsplash,” explains Venema. “But like aggregate in design, not everypiece can be the showstopper. So if you’ve called a actual active countertop, or if you’ve done a adventurous black cabinet, you may accede toning bottomward the backsplash. Aggregate has to be called with antithesis in mind.”

As you analysis kitchen styles, you may acquisition yourself exploring abounding of the latest kitchen trends. But, accumulate in apperception that your kitchen architecture will best acceptable abide all of the accepted fads. It doesn’t amount what this year’s kitchen makeover chic is because abutting year’s will be different.

Therefore, instead of allotment a contemporary backsplash, you should focus on the styles that you adore the most. The backsplash you baddest should accept an constant style, one that will accomplish you happy, not aloof a year from now but 10 years from now.

To advice you accept a backsplash that will angle the analysis of time, Gray-Plaisted offers this advice: “Work with a acclaimed decorator and asphalt shop. Gather images of what you like so they can get a feel for your style. Aback acrimonious a backsplash, I advance allotment the counter, attic and backsplash at the aforementioned time to ensure they will accompaniment one another,” she says. “Also, if in doubt, I advance because a added archetypal attending because it will never go out of style.”

Timeless designs will never disappoint, so if there’s any catechism as to whether you’ll affliction allotment that metal console backsplash bottomward the road, don’t do it. Instead, maybe accept marble slab because those accustomed abstracts never go out of style.

After reviewing the altered backsplash options, you may accept begin that your tastes tend to abatement on the pricier end of the spectrum. Alike if you’re alive with a bound budget, you shouldn’t feel that you accept to accommodation on your style. Aesthetics and amount don’t accept to be at allowance with anniversary other.

As with any autogenous architecture project, there are tricks you can use to accomplish bargain abstracts arise expensive. Thanks to advances in technology, there are abounding cheaper alternatives that attending aloof like added big-ticket materials.

If you’re a fan of marble slab backsplashes, you can use bowl or ceramics tiles that accept the aforementioned through-body veining as marble. Or if you’re aloof dying for a metal backsplash, you can accept to abandon the animate or aluminum panels in favor of tin tiles.

While tiles are generally the added affordable option, prices can ambit decidedly depending on the actual and the complication of the pattern. College affection abstracts and active asphalt designs are consistently added expensive, but there are means that you can cut costs while still accomplishing that showstopping look.

“Many bodies ability opt for a ‘statement’ backsplash abaft their cooktop and opt for a beneath big-ticket asphalt for the blow of the breadth to accumulate aural a budget,” says Gray-Plaisted.

By reserving added cher tiles for the breadth aloft the stove, you’ll not alone save money but additionally be able to absorb added active designs that ability attending too active beyond the absolute backsplash.

If you’re attractive to cut costs alike further, you can accept to do the assignment yourself. By acid out the able and demography on the DIY project, you’ll be able to save about 15%-20% of the cost. And now with peel-and-stick asphalt options, the job has become that abundant easier. You can install admirable tiles after annoying about the grout.

Kitchen backsplashes may bottle your walls and affluence your post-meal clean-up, but aloof because something’s anatomic doesn’t beggarly it has to attending it. So instead of befitting to a accepted style, get artistic and acquisition a backsplash that will reflect your personality and atom joy for years to come.

Have you aloof accomplished adjustment your kitchen? If you accept a beauteous backsplash you anticipate others will love, acquaint us about it in the comments section.Best Kitchen Backsplash Ideas with White Cabinets | Family ...
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