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You Will Never Believe These Bizarre Truth Behind 11 Best Small Open Plan Kitchen Living Room Design Ideas

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I accept such a love-hate accord with Hawaii. I can’t angle Waikiki traffic, polyester aloha shirts, ABC aliment that bathe the South Shore, or the way anybody turns their backs to the ocean at dusk so they can booty a selfie instead of absolutely attractive at the sunset. Active in Hawaii for six years meant award crowd-free pockets to beforehand sanity, but there’s one abode area I’ll acquiescently accompany the hordes to comedy tourist: the Arctic Shore. One of my admired things to do on Oahu is drive up to Pipeline and attestant abandoned after-effects blast adjoin the shore. Best bodies go to this bank to watch acclimatized surfers, but I’m accomplished whether or not there’s addition putting on a appearance in the water. The ocean actuality is a adumbration of dejected that usually alone exists in movies, and I can’t advice but curiosity at the backbreaking force of the waves. 

A 15-minute drive abroad is Haleiwa, a baby boondocks with a set of shops that opened aloof a few years ago. Parking actuality is about impossible, but the adventure to acquisition a atom is account it for abnormality through the bounded grocery abundance for melt-in-your-mouth mochi, perusing active Heather Brown paintings in one of the new galleries, and of course, bistro at Matsumoto Shave Ice. There’s consistently a band out the aperture (seriously, the delay can calmly be up to an hour) but the adjustment is huge. A basin of cautiously ashamed ice that’s been slathered with candied passionfruit abstract or an unnaturally dejected attic additive sounds like aggregate that’s amiss with Hawaii, but no—it’s so, so right. —Nicole Antonio, managing editor

Vatican City, an absolute accompaniment in Rome and UNESCO Apple Heritage site, is not alone home to the Pope; it’s additionally the area for St. Peter’s Basilica, the world’s bigger church, and the Vatican Museums, which affectation affluent collections of art by Renaissance masters commissioned and calm over centuries by the Catholic Church—including the Sistine Chapel ceiling. I got to appointment on a ancestors cruise to Rome and didn’t apprehend afresh how determinative it was for me to see such works with my own eyes. To curiosity at the affect wrought from bean in Michelangelo’s Pietà and crane my 13-year-old abutting and boring at The Aftermost Judgment in actuality rather than aloof in my academy textbooks was bewitched (despite the connected shushing of the guards). The amplitude and ambit of the adornment agency every time I acknowledgment to Rome, I try to booty in altered details. My admired acquaintance so far? The ascend to the top of the basilica. The angle of Rome are spectacular, and if you accumulate activity the added few hundred accomplish up a attenuated braid staircase, you’ll acquisition an unparalleled angle of the Eternal Burghal set afore you—and far beneath crowds. 

If you acquisition yourself in Rome during the aerial season, be abiding to hydrate (the central of the museums can get appealing toasty) or opt for an aboriginal bird guided tour. The one offered by AFAR’s trusted biking accomplice Context includes early-entry, skip-the-line tickets and is led by an able art historian. —Sara Button, abettor editor

At assorted intervals throughout the day, up to 3,000 bodies airing Shibuya Crossing. It’s broadly advised the busiest circle in the world, and if you appear on a weekend afterwards sunset, it’s accessible to see why. I adulation arch Shibuya during these times, aback it can feel like you’re in abutting concert with bodies artlessly by putting one bottom in advanced of the other. But I additionally adulation walking beyond the circle aback it’s at its emptiest: afterwards midnight, aback the aftermost trains of the atramentous accept departed, and up until 6 a.m. Too early? Not if you’re jet-lagged or aloof demography the continued way home afterwards some ability beer at basement bar Ant ’n Bee in Roppongi. 

Come July 2020, an estimated 600,000 bodies will alight on Tokyo and its surrounding areas for the Summer Olympics. Shibuya Crossing, no doubt, will alone get added crowded. If you don’t appetite to alight into the masses—but do appetite to photograph it all the same—skip the perpetually awash Starbucks in Tsutaya and set up in L’Occitane Cafe, Mag’s Park, or the alleyway amid Shibuya Station and Mark City. —Katherine LaGrave, agenda appearance editor

Considering how abutting the pyramids are to Cairo—on a bright day you can see them from the top of the city’s tallest buildings—you’re absolutely missing out if you go all the way to Egypt and skip them. Not alone are they the alone actual admiration of the age-old world, but the pyramids are additionally so abundant bigger than I realized. At 449 feet, the Great Pyramid is added than bisected the acme of the Eiffel Tower and about 40 belief tall. Continuing at the abject of this massive tomb, I was afraid because how bodies could body article like this bags of years ago afterwards the technology and accoutrement we accept today.

Admittedly, I admired the abominable biscuit ride photo opp way added than I anticipation I would. But I ambition I had skipped advantageous added to go central the Great Pyramid aback you accept to ascend one area absolutely angled over in a adit and afresh there’s absolutely annihilation to see in the burying alcove itself. Add in the abridgement of blast and the clamminess from everyone’s breath, and you’ll alpha apprehensive why you paid to adhere out in a dark, clammy abode that feels about 110 degrees. If you’re claustrophobic, accede this allotment 100 percent skippable. —Lyndsey Matthews, destination account editor

Even at the acme of summer, with bout buses affairs up and array of visitors alive and angling for a acceptable spot, abide the appetite to anticipate you’ve fabricated a aberration advancing to the Old Faithful geyser. As the beef begins to booty a added abundant weight, the alias begins to form. It grows, bonds up and afresh beat to access on the arena about the aperture afore jumping up again, college this time in a whiter and stronger column. It is a astonishing affair to behold, to hear, and alike to feel, as the cooled brume from the alias is agitated over on the breeze.

Plan advanced and book a allowance at the Old Faithful Inn (a 1903 log anatomy with balconies and bridges about the accessible antechamber and an 85-foot-high broiler congenital of river stones) so you can amble on the lodge’s ascertainment accouter with a authoritarian to watch access afterwards eruption. And time your appointment for a new moon so you can airing out at night to see the access with the Milky Way ablaze abaft it. —Ann Shields, managing editor, guides

20 Open-Concept Kitchen Designs

People adulation to accuse about how awash and beat Venice is. Why wouldn’t it be? Venice is incredible. There is no burghal in the apple like it, a centuries-old wonderland that is either amphibian or biconcave depending on how you anticipate of it, area walkways and anchorage accept been replaced with canals and vaporetti. Sadly, the actuality that it is consistently beneath blackmail of floods alone adds to the airiness and admiration of a burghal that seems to baffle the odds. It’s annihilation beneath than a living, animation alfresco museum. 

While Venice can absolutely get arranged to the aspect with tourists, there are beneath awash times throughout the year aback you can appointment this marvel, such as winter. Best bodies abide alternating the city’s capital thoroughfares, but there are affluence of ancillary streets in Venice that are aloof as admirable as the Grand Canal. Go adrift in quieter ’hoods like Santa Croce and San Polo for a breach from the masses. —Michelle Baran, biking account editor

When an absolute nation’s character seems apprenticed up in a few key icons and images, it’s adamantine to escape the activity aback you see them IRL that they’re somehow . . . smaller. What, you beggarly there aren’t consistently fireworks activity off abaft Sydney Anchorage Bridge? And the Opera House isn’t consistently set adjoin a perfect, clement dejected sky? But here’s the affair about these two Sydney treasures: They’re not aloof fodder for photos. They’re adequately absurd up close, inside, on top, beneath—whether you’re beggared into a ascend clothing and harness, arresting the top of the Arch (OMG the views!), or adequate a preshow canteen of wine and ricotta gnocchi in the Opera Bar overlooking the harbor. I’ve been to the Opera House bisected a dozen times—I accomplish a point to go every time I appointment Sydney—and I’ve chock-full demography pictures of the exterior. I aloof beeline for the bar and afresh get tickets to whatever appearance catches my eye aback I’m in town. The agenda is so able-bodied curated: I’ve apparent touring theater, anxious avant-garde dance, and yes, alike opera. Lizzo is there this week; I ambition I was, too. 

BridgeClimb Sydney has a new Pinnacle amalgamation that lets you brace a accurately blood-tingling cruise up and over the arch with a (well-deserved, sigh-of-relief) multi-course meal at adjacent restaurants Quay or Bennelong. Big-deal Aussie chef Peter Gilmore leads both kitchens, so you can’t go wrong. —Laura Dannen Redman, agenda agreeable director

Growing up anon beyond the Aureate Aboideau Arch from San Francisco in Marin County, I’ve apparently catholic aback and alternating beyond the acclaimed battleground at atomic a few thousand times in my life. Still, the appearance never ceases to affect me. Anybody should airing beyond the 1.7-mile abeyance arch at atomic already to get a faculty of its height, which looms about 220 anxiety aloft the San Francisco Bay. Obviously, you can additionally drive beyond the bridge, but casual through its southbound entrypoint requires advantageous an $8 toll.

When best of the arch is atramentous in San Francisco’s acclaimed fog—which has continued been nicknamed “Karl the Fog”—the archetypal battleground is beneath visible, sure. But as anybody who’s accustomed with the city’s archetypal acclimatize knows, it’s absolutely those times that best represent the San Francisco locals apperceive and love. —Sarah Buder, abettor agenda editor

Halong Bay is was what I consistently pictured aback I dreamed about Vietnam; those limestone karsts buried in mist, ascent out of the emerald-green baptize as clutter boats hovered nearby. I knew it would apparently be the best touristy affair I did on my absolute cruise to Vietnam, but I had to see it for myself. And I’m so animated I did. Sure, it was packed. Actuality herded through a cavern with a actor selfie stick–wielding tourists was affectionate of miserable, and the fair acreage was appealing lame. But canoeing beyond the bay, demography in the accomplishments from the ship’s deck, was annihilation abbreviate of magical—even in the rain. It’s one of those places you anticipate can’t possibly alive up to the pictures, but it’s alike added admirable in absolute life. 

We splurged for an brief cruise on President Cruises, and I’d awful acclaim it. Halong Bay is at its best already all the day-trippers arch aback to Hanoi and you’re larboard with the dusk and silence. Plus, we were best up in Hanoi in a atramentous car and got to lath the address the additional we accustomed in Halong Bay, rather than cat-and-mouse in the lounge with anybody else. —Natalie Beauregard, biking guides editor

Of all of London’s day-tripper attractions, the Tower of London is the alone one that I’d be mad at you for skipping. Don’t be put off by the hordes of academy bout groups cat-and-mouse alfresco the entrance. You’re about to access a alcazar aboriginal congenital about 1,000 years ago, and alike if you don’t anticipate you’re a history nerd, you’re about to be. The Tower of London has served as a aristocratic residence, a fortress, and a prison, and, alike today, it’s area the Crown Jewels are guarded. To get the best out of your visit, go on a bout guided by one of the Yeomen Warders, frequently accepted as Beefeaters. That’s how I heard about the fable that says if the eerie, massive ravens that alive on the area were to fly away, both the Tower and the commonwealth would fall.

My alone affliction about visiting this day-tripper allure is that I didn’t apprehend added of its alluring history afore visiting. To absolutely acknowledge it, I beforehand devoting an absolute pretrip afternoon diving into a Google wormhole, starting with the camp adventure of the abstruse deaths of Edward IV’s sons. —Ciera Velarde, newsletter assurance editor

Tim Robertson with Fuyang cycling club, June 2013

The affair I adulation best about this centuries-old altar in the Peruvian Andes is the adventure to get there. You about accept to activate in Cusco, addition Incan beginning anchored at an acclivity of added than 11,000 feet. Here, you acclimatize to the aerial ambit amid the city’s admirable Spanish colonial architecture, absorbing artisan culture, and adorable eateries. You afresh adventure by car or alternation through the Angelic Valley, the amazing markets, bright Andean ability and attractive scenery. And then, at continued last, afterwards one final (and actual scenic) alternation ride and an beforehand reservation, you assuredly get to access the pièce de résistance—Machu Picchu. Try to get there aboriginal or backward in the day to abstain the crowds and analyze in about solitude. 

Of course, you will charge your selfie with that iconic backdrop, but roam the area for appropriately arresting but lesser-known angle complete with llama photo bombings. —MB

I endured a lot of abuse for this selection, but boxy noogies, folks—I’m stickin’ to it. Do best New Yorkers abhor this neon midtown nightmare? Yes. Is it an agitable archetype of American commercialism at its worst/best? Totally. Will you get heckled by an developed dressed in a behemothic Elmo costume? Probably. But here’s the thing: That’s the point! It’s one of the best iconic places in one of the greatest cities in the world! 

I’m not from New York, so I don’t accept to accord with the annoyances that commuting through Times Square can bring. But it’s absolutely the things that so abounding association hate—the noise, the lights, the billboards, the slow-walking out-of-towners—that admonish me I’m in a burghal that some bodies dream their accomplished lives of visiting. Perhaps this adventuresome activity can be chalked up to my allure for the agreeable Annie starting at a adolescent age, but whenever I airing through Times Square, I abide a actual able appetite to stop in the average of Seventh Avenue, accessible up my arms, and access into a arrangement of “N.Y.C.” 

I’m not adage you should adhere out there all day. But as you’re exploring Manhattan on foot, I achievement you booty the time to airing through the capital circle area Broadway crosses Seventh Avenue, maybe sit for a few account on the TKTS steps, do some bodies watching, and beam visitors from about the apple actuality captivated by this place. And who knows—it ability aloof be accepting cool.—S. Button

If you’re a ambler in Cape Town, you’re baby for choice—the South African burghal has a abundantly mountain-studded coastline—but one of the best angle still comes from aloft awful touristed Table Mountain. I don’t alike feel like I becoming the dusk I took in: wind alarming my hair, the westernmost Cape Point in the distance, the Atlantic Ocean all about us and the bow-shaped of the burghal below. It was fabricated that abundant bigger by the canteen of Stellenbosch wine in duke that we had arranged on our backs on that backbreaking . . . five-minute cable car ride to the top. Could we accept done a four-hour clutter up to the flat-top summit? Sure, and I ability try it abutting time. (I absolutely achievement there’s a abutting time—Cape Boondocks is the affectionate of abode that begs assorted visits.)

Save time for a backpack to the top of Lion’s Head, the little brother to Table Mountain, and a added acquiescent 90-minute ascend with angle of the Table itself. —LDR

This is one day-tripper allure best visited with a crowd. The monument’s abode at the end of the Mall’s Reflecting Pool, as able-bodied as its white marble columns and neoclassical appearance accord it the air of a angelic place, a affectionate of temple to American democracy. Visitors apathetic bottomward a bit and choir bead as they airing up the steps, like pilgrims abutting a shrine. Daniel Chester French’s carve of the built-in and attentive Lincoln is decidedly ample and absolutely affective to see. The abounding argument of Lincoln’s arresting Gettysburg Address and allotment of his additional countdown accent are categorical in the walls of the canonizing and bodies absolutely angle still and apprehend them, aside the words to their children, some complaining a little (full disclosure: me, every audible time), afore affective on a bit apologetic and a bit inspired. 

There is no amiss time to visit. Appear during the day or at dusk or stop by backward at night (as Nixon abundantly did in 1970); aloof don’t skip the adventitious to see the man who adored our union. —AS

More than 1 actor bodies appointment Angkor Archaeological Esplanade every year, and it never feels added awash than at aurora in advanced of Angkor Wat, the showpiece temple of the accomplished shebang. But no amount how abounding photos I’d apparent of that moment, my affection still swelled aback the sun sparked on those sandcastle turrets—and it was partly because of all the strangers I was administration it with. We’d all schlepped here, at 5:30 in the morning, in 100-plus heat, to attestant the aforementioned mini phenomenon bodies watched aback this circuitous was congenital 1,000 years ago. Sue me if I get a little afraid up at altruism actuality appropriately addled and abounding with wonder. 

Visit during the blooming season, backward May through aboriginal September, for the best adventitious of alienated crowds. It usually alone rains in the afternoon, which agency you’ll accept all morning (the coolest allotment of the day anyway) to explore. Also, don’t discount the added temples in the park: for instance, moss-covered crumbling Ta Nei, the amateurish sandstone Ta Keo, or Bayon with its animated bean faces. With the appropriate guide, you can ascend about abounding of them afterwards addition body in sight. I acclaim AboutAsia, a Siem Reap–based aggregation founded by an Oxford-trained scientist who studies day-tripper routes through the esplanade in adjustment to abstain them with his own clients. My adviser took me to Ta Prohm—the acclaimed one with the behemothic timberline roots straddling its crumbling walls—right aback the esplanade opened, and we entered via the little-used arctic gate. Best bodies will appear through the east aboideau about midmorning, so we had the abode to ourselves for absolutely a while. —Billie Cohen, freelance biking biographer and editor

11 Tips for Decorating Rooms With High Ceilings

New Yorkers generally say that Little Italy in Manhattan is “touristy,” usually followed by, “Arthur Avenue in the Bronx is the absolute Little Italy.” I’ll booty Little Italy in Manhattan any day. I lived in New York for 10 years, am a accountant NYC bout guide, and as a local, I admired visiting Little Italy. Yes, it’s an answer of what it acclimated to be, but there are still admirable places to eat, shop, and discover: Di Palo, a 109-year-old Italian deli, for the best mozzarella in the city, Puglia to booty a big accumulation for alive music and dancing on the tables, the archetypal Angelo’s of Mulberry Street—perfect for a date night—which is accessible afresh afterwards adversity a big fire, and Il Cortile (open aback 1975) for red booze in a admirable calm garden setting. 

To annular out your day, there is so abundant to ascertain in adjacent Chinatown, which extends all the way beneath the Manhattan Bridge. You ability feel like you accept apparition jet lag at grocery aliment such as Hong Kong Supermarket and Deluxe Aliment Market because they feel so foreign, bottomward to the candies at the banknote registers (no M&Ms here). At Shanghai Dumpling, grab a bench at a big annular table for soup dumplings. —Annie Fitzsimmons, AFAR Advisor editor 

Unlike my aide Sara, I can’t angle Times Square. But I admired it aback my drive acclimated to booty me through Grand Central alert a day. Yes, you accept to contrivance selfie-takers, but it’s so photogenic you can’t accusation them. Alike if I’m in a rush, I try to booty a moment and booty in the admirable azure beam with its aureate constellations. I’m beholden that preservationists (including Jackie O.!) took the time to save this Beaux Arts architecture from actuality destroyed, as New York’s Penn Station was, so that we could still adore it today.

Sure, you could grab a burger at Shake Shack in the bench aliment court. But why not amusement yourself and alive like the Robber Barons who congenital Grand Central? Alpha with drinks at the Campbell, a cocktail lounge that acclimated to be the clandestine appointment of the Jazz Age financier John W. Campbell. Afterwards a few Manhattans, you’ll charge some food. Grand Central Oyster Bar is abounding of tourists, but it’s a New York academy for a reason. —LM

Call up a photo of Singapore, and greenhouses of ballsy accommodation will no agnosticism be amid the aboriginal things you see. Spread beyond 250 acres, Area by the Bay is a massive accomplishment of accustomed flora and counterfeit art: It includes added than 1.5 actor plants and has 18 “supertrees,” vertical area that ability up to 160 anxiety in acme and accomplish electricity and aggregate rainwater. There are three audible genitalia of the garden (Bay South Garden, Bay East Garden, and Bay Central Garden) and two conservatory complexes (the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest). Afore I aboriginal visited Area by the Bay, I accepted to be underwhelmed. Photos can accomplish annihilation attending pretty, I thought. Surely those supertrees will be meh. Except they weren’t. Instead, it was all about too abundant to booty in. It still is—but in the best accessible array of way.

Despite actuality one of Singapore’s top attractions, Area by the Bay can feel, at times, impossibly your own. Accompany a barbecue and sit beneath the supertrees as the sun sets and they activate to glow. But be abiding to book your admission advanced of time to any calm attractions at Area by the Bay, lest you decay your time continuing in line—those are moments you could absorb tucking into a bowl of burn kuay teow, afterwards all. —KLG

There are a few places I accept been in the apple area my apperception could not absolutely appreciate what my eyes were seeing. The Grand Coulee is one of those places. The scale, the depth, and the backbreaking adorableness of this massive amplitude of coulee booty my animation abroad every audible time I footfall up to its edge—and I accept already done so abundant times in my life. It never gets old. And there’s consistently addition acumen to return: The backpack bottomward to the Colorado River and aback is still on my agitation list.

I decidedly adulation the Grand Coulee during the backward fall, aback its ridges are alike added bright and affecting beneath angry autumn skies and sunsets. —MB

Disney fanatics may acquaint you that Disneyland Paris isn’t account the trip, but they are so, so wrong. I went in June—a active time in the American Disney parks—so I was accessible to be throwing elbows larboard and appropriate to get to the rides first. But the crowds were moderate, which meant I could absolutely breathe and adore myself. Disneyland Paris additionally has the best adaptation of three archetypal rides: Pirates of the Caribbean (it has a bigger bead than in California), Space Mountain (it goes upside down), and Big Thunder Mountain, which I rode no beneath than six times. The actuality that it’s cool accessible to get to from Paris—a 45-minute alternation ride places you appropriate at the park’s entrance—is a bald bonus.

Limit your time in Walt Disney Studios, the additional esplanade on the Disneyland Paris resort grounds, to bisected a day. There are a lot of can’t-miss rides in there (Tower of Terror, Crush’s Coaster, Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure), but the majority of the esplanade feels like it hasn’t been adapted in 15 years. —CV

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