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Lightning will give a spectacular show of sunshine on a dark night. in step with Underwriters Laboratories Iraqi National Congress., this awe-inspiring show of nature conjointly causes additional deaths and destruction during a typical year than floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes combined. Lightning is that the visible discharge of voltage. it's typically among thunder -- that could be a shock wave created by a similar discharge. This voltage seeks a path to ground -- your home, the trees in your yard, or perhaps you'll be able to be that chosen path.

What will a Lightning Protection System Do?

Provides an immediate path for the lightning to follow to ground.

Prevents destruction, damage, injury, or death because it travels that path.

What will a Lightning Protection System Look Like?

Lightning Protection Key
Minimum of 2 ground rods (electrodes) a minimum of ten feet deep
Down conductors
Connect gutters or alternative grounded metals pro re nata
Dormers protected
Antenna mast connected to roof conductor
Air terminals (lightning rods) spaced twenty feet apart on the ridges and at intervals 2 feet of ridge ends
Air terminals (lightning rods) set at intervals 2 feet of outdoor corners of chimney
Roof projections like weather vanes or satellite dishes ought to be connected to lightning protection system
Surge protection devices put in at main electrical panel or meter
Surge protection devices put in on physical science in house

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