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understanding of insurance claims and premiums in Indonesia

pengertian klaim asuransi dan Premi diindonesia

Insurance claims and premiums are closely related and bound in the pre-spring period is the amount of money that must be paid every month as an obligation of the insured for their participation in insurance. The amount of premium for participation in insurance to be paid has been determined by the insurance company by taking into account the circumstances of the insured.

Insurance Policy is a consensual insurance or insurance agreement (an agreement), must be made in writing in a deed between the party that entered into the agreement. The written deeds are called "policies". So, the policy is proof of coverage agreement which is written evidence.

Insurance claim is an official request to the insurance company, to request payment based on the terms of the agreement. Insurance claims submitted will be reviewed by the company for validity and then paid to the insured party after approval.

Insurers according to life insurance are those who provide services in dealing with risks associated with the life or death of an insured person. Life Insurance Companies are privately-owned legal entities or state-owned legal entities.

Suspended is someone who uses the services of an insurance company, both private and state.

Underwriting in the sense of life insurance is the process of assessing the mortality or morbidity of a prospective insured to determine whether to accept or reject a potential participant and determine the classification of participants. Mortality is the number of relative deaths among a certain group of people, while morbidity is the number of events relative to illness or disease among a certain group of people.


Financial angle as a tool to reduce risks inherent in the economy, by combining a number of units that are exposed to the same or almost the same risk, in a large enough amount, so that the probability of loss can be predicted and if the predicted loss occurs will be divided proportionally by all parties in the combination.

The legal angle of insurance is a contract (agreement) of risk coverage between the insured and the guarantor. The insurer promises to pay the loss caused by the insured risk to the insured. While the insured pays periodic premiums to the guarantor. So, the insured exchanges large losses that may occur with certain payments that are relatively small.

Social Corner, insurance is defined as a social organization that accepts risk transfers and collects funds from its members to pay for losses that may occur to each of these members. The loss of each member is shared and can provide relief and a lot of benefits for members so that they have a solid team that is trusted and reliable.

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