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advanced server computer specifications

spesifikasi komputer server yang canggih

We know the importance of sever, have you ever remembered some time ago, we had discussed the server. In this article, we want to discuss more about server computers. What is a server computer?

Server Computers: Hardware For Your Server Needs

The server computer that will be discussed in this article is a computer that is used as hardware for your server needs.

A server is a computer, device, or program that is dedicated to managing network resources. They can be arranged to perform different tasks. Servers that only perform their duties as servers are referred to as dedicated servers. Indeed the server itself consists of several types.

The following are some of the most popular types of servers:

Web server: The web server shows the page and runs the application through a web browser. The server that is connected to your browser is now the web server that is sending the page you are viewing. The client program, in this case, is most likely a browser like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Safari. Web servers are used for all kinds of things besides sending simple text and images, such as for downloading and backup files online through cloud storage services.

Email server: The email server facilitates sending and receiving email. If you have an email client on your computer, this software is connected to an IMAP or POP email server to download your messages to your computer, and an SMTP server to send messages back through the email server.

FTP Server: The FTP server supports transferring files via the File Transfer Protocol tool. The FTP server can be accessed remotely through an FTP client program.

Out there are indeed hundreds of different types of special servers that support computer networks. If you really want to have your own server, you can make it using any computer. But of course you need to know what specifications are needed to make a computer into a server.

Server Computer Specifications

As mentioned before, to choose what computer is suitable to be used as a server, you need to know what you need first. The computer specifications for PC gaming are certainly different from the computer specifications for server use. Because computers for servers require significant capacity. This is because doing the task of hosting a website is arguably different.

Then what are the main factors that need to be considered in choosing a server computer?


Just like when shopping for personal computers, it is important to start with the processor because this is the "brain" of the machine. There are two main processor manufacturers that you will find on almost every machine: Intel and AMD. Some simpler devices such as netbooks use ARM processors, but they have not really been adopted for server technology because of their low overall power. Some servers have tried to use it but it is not good enough.

Both of these brands have their positive and negative sides, especially if you want to have a server that has high performance at a controlled price. However, most people prefer to use Intel for servers. This is because, from a performance standpoint, Intel works faster. Intel processors have faster read and write speeds than memory on a per-core basis. Many of the offers that you see will advertise sixteen points.

Most people who shop for hosting don't need to worry too much about the processor if they just want to host a website because they will choose VPS and won't need that kind of CPU power. If indeed the software you are using is heavy, you might need a CPU with a higher core or core.


If the processor is considered the brain, RAM works to determine how many processes the brain can do at the same time. RAM is memory. When it comes to servers, you will need 1GB of RAM or more. Standard VPS plans usually start from 1GB in size and this is enough for websites with traffic that is not too low or too high. Keep in mind that you use only a few portions of the machine and not all of it. You can see this difference if you start buying dedicated servers because they usually start from 16GB of RAM.

There are several factors that you need to consider before choosing the RAM size you need.

Traffic: The higher your website traffic, you need higher RAM

Content Management System: CMS like WordPress and Drupal require at least 1GB of RAM, the bigger the better the better

Control Panel: Software like cPanel will use memory from your RAM

Scripting language and database: Using PHP and SQL databases will require

Higher RAM

Applications: like any computer, applications that run on your device will affect RAM. The more applications that are running, the more RAM you need


For storage, you can choose between using hard drives and SSDs. Managed SSD VPS or managed VPS SSD is one of the popular choices because you will get a significant increase in speed. SSD can be said to have several advantages compared to hard drives. But to make a computer into a server is indeed an increase in speed is the most important thing.

For how much storage you need, the answer may surprise you. If you see a plan that offers thirty gigabytes of space, you might be surprised. Your smartphone has more storage than that. However, you can't think of hosting such a personal device. If you host a simple site, most of your storage will be used to store text files and visual assets and both of them will not consume too much of your storage memory. If you also host email on the same server, of course you will quickly run out of memory.

Basically, you need to be aware of what you really need to store on your server. Does your site need a very large database? Are you going to store lots of multimedia files? Taking your asset inventory before launch will help you choose the right storage size and can help us in healthy and competitive information technology and of course for the progress of the nation.

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