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Irish man gets last laugh at his own funeral

An Irish grandfather has pranked his loved ones at his own funeral with a message from beyond the grave.
On Saturday, mourners gathered around Shay Bradley's coffin watching it lower into the ground as bagpipes played at a graveyard in Dublin's south.
When the music stopped, the grandfather-of-eight's voice could be heard saying "Hello" as frantic knocking appeared to come from the coffin.

Let me out, it's f------ dark in here," the late 62-year-old was heard saying to laughter from mourners.
His daughter Andrea was in on the prank and helped arrange the stunt with her siblings.
The family said Mr Bradley had planned the prank for months and recorded the messages before he died.
The siblings shared the video on social media with the hashtag #ShaysLastLaugh.

Ms Bradley also posted to Twitter: "It was his dying wish that we played this at his funeral. What a man, to make us all laugh when we were incredibly sad. He was some man for one man. Love you forever Poppabear."

At the end of the recording, the Defence Force veteran signed off: "Hello again … hello, hello, I just called to say goodbye."
While many of us have at least thought about how we want to be remembered at our funeral, Mr Bradley may have the best story of all.

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