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Red bellied black snake filmed hunting fish in shallow Adelaide creek

A video has been posted on social media of a red bellied black snake snagging a fish in an Adelaide river.
Sean Haydon captured the video while working along the River Torrens in Cudlee Creek on Wednesday.
It shows the snake slithering through the shallow water, stalking a fish before it snatches it in its mouth and moves up onto a rock to eat it.

We work along the river regularly and had seen the snake there in the weeks prior, so we went looking for it again," Mr Haydon told 9news.com.au.
"I saw something moving in the water and when I realised it was the snake I started filming.
"I was quite excited. i knew they ate fish, but I didn't realise they go searching under rocks for fish."
Mr Haydon shared the video with Facebook group Snake Catchers Adelaide, who said it shows how good they are at hunting under water.

One of their main food sources are fish," Snake Catchers Adelaide said in the post.
"They love fish – they live around water ways and are always in the water."

They warned that with days warming up as summer approaches, more snakes will be found along creeks and waterways – so be careful where you step.
While it's rare for someone to capture a red bellied black snake on camera hunting a fish, it is not uncommon, despite snakes more commonly being known for thriving in dry warm areas, red bellied blacks are water snakes according to Snake Catchers Adelaide.

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